Friday, October 26, 2012

Spooky House

WOW!  Annabelle (my 6-yr-old) and I had so much fun creating a spooky house today with Angela Collingwood and Carla Keating - it was such a fun kids class.  It's always interesting to see the age differences (Annabelle is the youngest in the class with most of the girls aged 8 and 9, and there were a couple of guys too!).  Check out these photos as Annabelle was creating her house...

Kids "Spooky House" Class
Painted the Sissex 3D House and the roof tiles
Two pieces were taped together to create a 2-story house, then it was painted black.  In addition, several chipboard pieces were painted silver as roof tiles.  Once the black paint was dry, she spritzed on Perfect Pearl silver spray over a tree stencil from Crafter's Workshop.  It's starting to look spooky!
Annabelle used a BigShot and a chandelier Framelits Die to create a 3D chandelier (using three cutouts glued together as a triangle.  She enjoyed using this cool tool!  She is holding the pieces together as the glue dries to keep her dangling jewel glued in the middle...  all the girls wanted to wear the jewel instead of putting it in their houses, of course!!!
Next, she painted crackle paint onto the roof tiles to add some texture.  These tiles are all different sizes to create a 'condemned' look.  Once they were dry, we hot-glued them from the lowest one up to the tip of the roof - just like real roofing!  (This is where the adults pitched in to keep everyone safe.)
Each person chose what to put on top of their house: a cat, bats, or a moon.  These were diecut and then distress stained purple.  Then a glossy crackle paint was painted over them for texture and to make them more realistic.  Don't forget the dangling shutters and the condemned boards!  And ta-da...
Spooky Houses
Annabelle is all finished, but I'm feeling inspired myself - hmmm... let's see what I can create today!  Have a fabulous weekend -


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